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Request for Speaking Test Date/Time

If you apply for IELTS at least 10 days before the test date, you can request your speaking exam time.

Please download the request form corresponding to your test date below and send it to JSAF-IELTS by e-mail.

※Please read notes on the request form.

※Deadline for submission is on the request form.

※If you request speaking test conducted on weekdays, you will take the speaking test at Japan Study Abroad Foundation (Tokyo-Takadanobaba) wherever you take written parts.

※Please make sure that you use correct request form corresponding to your application. If you use wrong one, we may not meet you request.

※If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


Workshops July

July 29th(Tokyo-Takadanobaba)

July 29th(Osaka Central)


Workshops August

August 12th(Tokyo-Takadanobaba)

August 12th(Yokohama/Yokohama City University)

August 19th(Tokyo Bay Area)

August 19th(Hiroshima)

August 26th(Tokyo-Takadanobaba)

August 26th(Kyoto/Doshisha University)

August 26th(Osaka Central)


Workshops September

September 9th(Tokyo Central/Sophia University)

September 9th(Yokohama/Yokohama City University)

September 16th(Tokyo-Takadanobaba)

September 16th(Sagamihara/J. F. Oberlin University (PFC))

September 30th(Tokyo-Takadanobaba)

September 30th(Osaka-Ibaraki)

September 30th(Okayama/Okayama University)