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IELTS Writing Assist



JSAF-IELTS offers “Writing Assist” supported by IDP-IELTS on free after you register JSAF-IELTS test.

“Writing Assist” sends you writing tasks  similar to the IELTS Academic or General Training tasks to complete at home. Try to complete the tasks as you would in an IELTS test, and English language expert will advise how you can improve your writing skills.

Check the contents of Writing Assist, sample script and sample feedback below.

How do I take “Writing Assist”?

Book your test on JSAF-IELTS. To register through online, go to external-link-blue-default02-Shapes4FREEhere.



<Features of Writing Assist>

・You can study practically with sample questions for Task1 and Task2.

・You can get useful feedback from IELTS English Language Expert.


<Writing Assist is useful if…>

・you would like to get higher score for Writing.

・you would like to check accuracy of your essay.

・you do not feel good at organizing your opinion in Writing or Speaking.


<How to proceed Writing Assist>

①Download sample questions for Task1 and Task2

②After printing question and anwer sheets out, write essays with time management

③Download and print self-evaluation sheet out, and fill it out

④Scan your answer sheet and self-evaluation sheet, and send it to Writing Assist Service by e-mail

⑤Feedback will be sent with in 10 days from IELTS English Language Expert


<Contents of Feedback>

①Personalized Report (Feedback and Action Plan)

⇒Original feedback and action plan for each test taker is sent. Advice for each level about writing essays such as correct spelling, extensive reading, how to organize, vocabulary, and access for articles for your future study is sent. Moreover, you receive detailed action plan to keep your essays improved, as well.

②Your corrected Task1 and Task2 / Error correction code

⇒Your answers will be corrected. You can understand what kind of mistake you make with error correction code on your answer sheet and reference of error correction code.

③Writing Band Description

⇒Important elements for reaching each band score (0~9) are shown (For example, how to organize your essay, vocabulary, and grammar).


<Sample Feedback>

pdfClick here for Sample Writing Assist Scripts

pdfClick here for Sample Writing Assist Report


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